Dear Patient, 

We have had the opportunity to work with many physicians, nutritionists and other healthcare practitioners, which has enabled us to provide better protocols and utilize some of the best dental materials and dental technologies currently available.

These practitioners also recognize the integral role that optimum oral health plays in the long-term health of the entire body.  It has become increasingly important for us to work with your healthcare practitioner to fully assess your individual requirements before, during, and after dental care.

Many healthcare practitioners think that dental materials and dental treatment directly affect the health of the entire body.  They believe the systemic effects of localized foci of infection, the leaking of mercury into body tissue, and the effects of having mixed metals present in the oral environment, have a potentially negative impact on the total over-all health and well-being of the patient.

In our practice it is our goal to strive to meet the recommendations of your healthcare practitioner by offering you some alternatives to traditional dental care.  We take great pride in providing the following to our patients:

Safe Amalgam Removal

During amalgam removal our patients are supplied with pure compressed medical grade air through a nasal cannula to ensure that they do not breathe in mercury vapors during procedures.  We have a specialized sub-micron Hepa and mercury vapor filtration unit; this helps assure that the air is as clean as possible.  Full rubber dams are always used during amalgam removal.  We utilize a proven protocol that removes the amalgam in chunks to minimize heat and vapor.

Laser Utilization

 Lasers have been extremely successful in th significant reduction of bacteria.  Intracanal bacterial reduction with the laser is utilized to reduce the bacteria before the canals are filled with EndoCal10, and before the permanent restorations are placed.

Low Fusing Ceramic

This ceramic is a natural-like substance that many of our referring practitioners feel is particularly compatible with the body.  Low Fusing Ceramic has characteristics similar to normal, healthy dental enamel.  This low-fusing, hydrothermal ceramic is proving to be a true biocompatible dental material that does not interfere with energy fields, and wears much like your natural teeth.

Water Filtration System

Eliminates fungal growth in water lines; continually delivers clean water.

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays allow for enhanced x-ray images, showing fine detail not possible with conventional x-rays, with up to 90% less radiation.

The Wand

The STA Wand, a computerized local anesthetic delivery system that helps reduce the fear and anxiety of dental injections.

Please note:  Due to the chemical sensitivities of many of our patients, we are a fragrance free office.  Please DO NOT wear products with fragrance to our office.

About Dr. Aguilera

Dr. Aguilera is a 1982 graduate of the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry.  For twelve years he was Chief Dentist at a California State Hospital.  Eight of those twelve years, Dr. Aguilera served as adjunct faculty at the University of Loma Linda School of Dentistry

Dr. Aguilera’s expertise and experience is in working closely with your healthcare practitioner to provide the recommended bio-compatible dental materials and protocols, and along with your practitioners, insure that you receive proper nutritional support before, during, and after your dental treatment.

Randolph E. Aguilera, DDS